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Spring/Summer 2023 - I was honored to be chosen as the Beekeeper for the Farmer trading cards.  The Loudoun Va Made/Loudoun Va Grown effort distributes the Farmer trading cards to elementary schools to help students learn more about farming options in Loudoun County, VA.


For 2024 The Beekeeper's Farm will NOT be hosting any private or group tours of the Apiary.

We still will be extracting and selling the best local raw honey at:  The Whole Ox, The Wooley Fox and at select Farmer's Markets.  

16 Apr 2024 - Mason Bees enjoying the nice day!


Solitary bees are super cross pollinators, very gentle, easy to raise, and fun to watch.  For those families that are interested in bees but do not want the cost and maintenance of keeping honey bee hives, the Mason and Leafcutter Bees are an excellent choice to raise in your own backyard. There are solitary bee house which you can make or purchase, the bees are docile, and helps a family to strengthen their connections to nature. While solitary bees do not provide a honey source, The Beekeeper’s Farm has local raw honey available by appointment only at our home apiary.

                               A great place to start and to help support our solitary bee program is by visiting:


Local Raw Honey  - The Beekeeper's Farm LLC - 40975 Snickersville Tpke, Aldie, VA 20105  
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