2022 Nucs 

Over Winter Nucs - these are nucs which were created during the summer  from our apiaries and are available immediately after an inspection from the State Apiary Inspector - typically scheduled in early April.   The quickest option we have available to go from nuc to full size colony.     

Post Winter Nucs - these are early spring colonies created from strong production hives that survived the NVA winter.   The queen bee, bees, and brood will all be from the same colony thus creating a cohesive unit.  These are 5-frame deep boxes.  The colony grows from a nucleus to your full size hive.

Spring Nucs - these nucs are a joint early spring time venture by the beekeeper and the bees themselves.  Instead of the beekeeper assisting with the development/raising of queen cells, the bees themselves, who are the true experts, develop each queen cell during the month of April.   The beekeeper then creates a starter nuc with queen cell which should hatch days later.   The starter nuc with its new queen will grow to a full size nuc towards the end of May.

Summer Nucs - are identical to the spring nucs except these nucs are created early July filling the nuc with bees by the fall time frame.   Beekeepers use these nucs over the winter to help with loss replacement of any hives during the winter.   Typically these are not in high demand since there is an overwinter risk of losing the nuc.  However, they are very useful if a beekeeper loses a queen during the fall or has a need to boost a hive since these nucs can be combined with a full-size hive.


The Beekeeper's Farm only produces five frame deep nucs. 





January 2022 
Availability - Body Balm, Lip Balm 
June 2022 - Local Raw honey
July 2022 - Local Raw Infused honey
June 2022 UPDATE - The Spring raw local honey has been bottled! You can order directly from us through this website for local pick up only or find limited quantities of honey at this fine local establishment:  
The Whole Ox, Marshall, VA ( 1 lb jars and 4 oz muth jars available) 
Contact us directly by email:
Raw-Local-Honey by The Beekeeper's Farm LLC, Aldie, VA.  LOUDOUN COUNTY